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Roketa GK-13 Motor Swap
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Author:  acfella [ Sun Oct 03, 2021 12:29 am ]
Post subject:  Roketa GK-13 Motor Swap

Hi all...Hope all is well. I am trying to bring my Roketa back to life. The original motor cracked the case, I bought another "good" used motor and swapped some parts but could never get spark. Plus when I got this buggy it was well used an abused and had wiring issues. I got it running and Nate (my middle son, some of you have met him) ripped it all over our desert and had a great time which really helped him learn how to drive.

My daughter expressed interest in riding/driving and I have let her use our Rhino but would feel better letter her get started on the Roketa...plus I think it would be great to get it running again.

So here is my plan and I would love some help and advice...
1. Install a Predator 420 motor with a 40 series torque converter. Upgrade the electrical to be able to charge the battery, run some LED lights (nothing crazy) plus add brake lights as well. Rewire the buggy as needed to accomplish this.
2. Rattle can paint it so it looks better ish and reinforce the roll cage adding a cover of some sort.
3. Of course electric remote start with the ability to pull start if needed. Maybe mod the motor with a stage 2 kit.

So what do I have...
1. A new ish Predator 420 motor with a stage 1 kit on it. It gets spark (but I have not run it yet). I got the motor for $100 so I thought what the hell.

What do I need to get yet...
1. A series 40 torque converter...If anyone has one for sale I would be super interested tho shipping might suck.
2. Larger charging system (not sure what is needed)
3. Maybe a stage 2 performance kit that included a light weight flywheel and billet rod (do you think necessary?).
4. After market carb, cam and valve springs (again I may wait to see how this thing runs first...likely will).
5. A custom header and silencer (maybe use the silencer off of the Roketa)
6. LED lights
7. Cans of rattle can paint.

What I have done so far...
1. Remove the CN250 motor
2. Mocked up placement of the new motor

Questions I have...
1. How can I connect the torque converter to the output shaft to the reverse gear box.
https://www.amazon.com/40-Kart-Torque-C ... B081RCNQZ4

2. Will I need gear reduction or is that handled in the reverse gear box. The old motors CVT connected directly to the output shaft to the reverse box.
3. The torque converters I have been looking at have a back plate that incorporates a jack shaft and a 12 tooth cog. Does that back plate require some type of support. It bolts to the motor and that is all I can tell. In question 1 how would I connect those two together?
3. Should I mount the motor with the head facing the back of buggy or the front. If facing the head to the back the torque converter will need to be rotated around with the driven pulley facing the front of the buggy near the reverse gear box.

I am gonna recruit some friends to help as I cannot weld but throught I would get some of yours input.

I will upload pics of how I proceed feel free to comment.

Thanks Bo

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