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Time To Set a New Tone

It is the responsibility of all users of this site to read the rules before posting. Check back from time to time for updates. This is a work in progress.

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Time To Set a New Tone

by Hopster » Thu Mar 01, 2007 5:10 pm

There have been far too many arguements on the site (no kidding) and it's time to set a new tone.

Several key threads have already had sections removed from the site all together recently... We will use this tool more often if warranted.

The moderator team and myself will try our best to keep threads on topic, and without bickering.

If you really feel it is necessary to post somethign that is likely to start an argument... keep it to the PMs. We'd rather that you didn't do it at all, of course.

In handling those that break the rules:

1) Warning

If still breaking the rules

2) Temp Ban

If rules are still being broken

3) Full Ban

I don't expect that there will be many banned members.

We wish to keep a positive attitude here, and feel that having these things spelled out for everyone to see is fair warning that fighting will not be tolerated on Buggy News.

Thank you, and Buggy On!

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